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So, in my cooking I use the versatility of ingredients from Israel to Spain that are indigenous to the different regions of the Mediterranean. Let’s start with the best sea salt hundreds to choose from, the aroma of fresh herbs oregano, rosemary, dill tarragon, the best cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, and my favorite tomatoes bursting with flavor San Marzano, heirloom, Roma are prevalent in my cooking fresh fish, Lamb and pasta cooked in different ways is amazing. Lemon, orange and spices like turmeric, cumin, ginger, cinnamon are key in bringing out the flavors of my dishes and to end always cook with fat, acid, spice, salt, and sweet elements in My Mediterranean kitchen

About The Chef

Chef Meese’s cooking comes from the deepest part of his soul, inspired from his many experiences and travels around the world. Like his playful, eccentric and quirky personality, his approach to cuisine is the same, while his style and technique are visually stunning. Chef Meese has trained under three Michelin star chefs Daniel Boulud and Jean Pierre. Refining his craft and finding his true identity and style in the culinary world. Chef Meese has displayed his world class talent at prestigious James Beard Dinners and some of the largest culinary food and wine shows, including the New York City Food & Wine Festival, Charleston Food & Wine, and Euphoria. In Chef Meese’s illustrious career, he has garnered two Michelin Stars and been featured in the New York Times and Detroit Free Press. He has been in magazines such as Edible Wow, Happenings and New York Magazine.

Earth to Table 

My cooking is from the “deepest part of my soul“ I cook to bring joy into people’s life! That makes me happy! I like to express myself with the ingredients of the Mediterranean, it is my passion. Local sourcing is very important to me, being aware of where your food comes from can lead to a greater appreciation of your finished dish.

A Chefs Journey

Steven was the host of PBS’s a Chefs Journey. A tour of America’s top restaurants featuring James Beard and Michelin award winning chefs and their journey to the top of the culinary world. Steven also appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. Beginning in 2019 Steven’s movie “Beyond the plate” will be shot in cooperation with Frontiersmen Media. It shows some unique stories behind some of the best chefs in the world, beyond their plate. expedited release end of 2019 on Netflix, Amazon and A&E

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